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Cds are $15.00 + $2.50 S/H for one or $4.00 for two or more to the same address.

First Light CDFIRST LIGHT - a collection of 19 tunes from the Eastern Woodlands performed on a variety of Native American flutes with gentle percussion accompaniment. This is wonderful music for relaxation.
 Maliseet Love-Song   (Real Audio)   WMA   MP3

Heatrbeat CDHEARTBEAT - 15 tracks of varied rhythmical accompaniments played on authentic Native American percussion instruments. Excellent for singers, dancers, Native American flute players or for group work.
Samples of tracks 1, 7,10 and 15.   WMA   MP3

Sounds of Feelings CDSOUNDS OF FEELINGS - Laura's original melodies for meditation and healing recorded on the alto flute. This recording is very popular with energy workers. Spirit, Come To Me   WMA  MP3

Bearing Witness CDBEARING WITNESS - Chippewa/Ojibwe tunes and Laura's original melodies that emerged from the Great Lakes Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore area. Some of these beautiful melodies have also been used for Audio-Books [Bambi, The Birchbark House, Paddle to the Sea ]. music flie Bear's Flight   WMA   MP3


Shipping for books is $2.50 for one or $4.00 for two or more to the same address.

NATIVE AMERICAN SONGS FOR FLUTENATIVE AMERICAN SONGS FOR FLUTE was published in 2014 in response to repeated requests for authentic tribal music.
This 132-page book is 8.5" x 11" with sturdy spiral wire binding so it will lay open flat on a music stand or table.
Price $24.95

  • 53 authentic Native American songs from a wide variety of tribal cultures, playable on any instrument
  • Fingering Chart
  • Tribal Descriptions
  • Information about How to Choose a Native American Flute
  • Extensive resource information
  • Native American musical characteristics

Native American Flute Tutor BookNATIVE AMERICAN FLUTE TUTOR w/enc: learn to play CD. Uses a simplified finger numbering system for 6-hole Native American style flutes. This book is our most popular and folks, particularly those with limited musical background, tell us it has been so helpful to them. In our Learn to Play classes, this book allows class members to play about a dozen songs after just one 2-hour class. Price $24.95

Earth Mother Flutes Book EARTH MOTHER FLUTE SONGS for 6-hole Native American style flutes was created in response to repeated requests for "more music" using the simplified finger numbering system. A wide variety of tunes and popularly requested songs are included. Price $19.00





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