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Comments from previous class participants and flute customers:

  • Even though I have no musical background, Laura made me feel like I could do it.
  • The class has been very gratifying! It was wonderful to have both the flutemaker and the instructor present.
  • Laura builds confidence in us novices.
  • Ken's flutes are among the finest anywhere. His impeccable craftsmanship creates such a beautiful flute!
  • The class guides and encourages students in all aspects of learning to play.......and she makes it SO easy!
  • Her sense of humor is wonderful and Ken's flute care help was just great!
  • Laura has brought so much happiness into my life; taking flute lessons with her has changed me forever.
  • She imparts a greater sense of appreciation of American Indian peoples. Both Ken and Laura honor their American Indian ancestors through this work.
  • Well worth the money and we feel filled with heartfelt gratitude for the flute experiences with Laura & Ken.
  • She really loves the Native American Flute and she brings that aspect to us.
  • Lots of good material and sharing.
  • The flute playing process is both calming and energizing - how nice.
  • A lot of fun and very interesting.
  • No one got discouraged because the teacher is skilled and responsive to each person's needs. Ken is right there to help anyone who needs a bit of individualized attention.
  • This class has been great and we have all asked for another!
  • Laura is a fabulous teacher who presents the material fully but simply so that we are able to progress rapidly and feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • Laura was wonderful! She doesn't rush, yet she presents the material in a clear and uncomplicated manner.
  • I love this class and her style of teaching! Music never seemed so easy to me before.
  • She is very helpful when anyone needs assistance. …a wonderful and inspirational teacher.
  • She has such a wealth of information to share.
  • Laura gives so much of herself!
  • Ken is so willing to work with each person to create a flute that is exactly right for them.

Native American Flutes
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